Lakeside Grill – Easy Dinner Recipes and Dinner Ideas For Family Fun

Plan a dinner that can be cooked on the grill, then in the late afternoon head over to the local lake for some swimming and a great lakeside grilled dinners. We’ve chosen some easy recipes. You provide the family and the transportation and we’re almost there. I hope you have a lake close by, or a beach, or a pond. If not, your local park should do or you could just head to your backyard for some great family fun together. If you don’t have a lake you can swim in you can still have some water based family fun. Just break out the giant squirt guns or turn on the sprinkler and let the kids enjoy. At our house we have a dozen or so squirt guns that instantly entertain kids from about 2 to 20. We have the rule that you can only squirt someone that has a gun. We made the rule to keep cranky moms from being doused by the kiddos, but it actually made for great strategy for the older kids, because if you are cornered you can always drop your squirt gun and it makes for great sneaking up on…

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