Making Wine From Ribena

In following directions for “how to homemade wine” It is important to note that Ribena is a perfect syrup which is famous for fermenting ‘must’ made from fruits. In knowing the how to homemade wine, wine makers use this to get extra special results. The rate to add it would be one to two bottles per gallon. When making wines from dried fruits, adding one or two bottles of Ribena per gallon would all the more improve the flavor and quality of the wine. Similarly, when making wines from fresh fruits that give a red wine, one or two bottles or Ribena could be added to make up for other fruits. This way, you may disregard the SO2 preservative because the amount in the Ribena will not be enough to stop fermentation, but it would be best to add it at the vigorous fermentation stage-during the first ten days.

If you recommend to use Ribena in your how to homemade wine recipes, bear in mind that each bottle contains approximately eight ounces of sugar, so you should reduce accordingly the…

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