Rob Nevin’s Skinny Switch Secret – Menu and Meal Plan

The Skinny Switch Secret weight loss plan is marketed by Guthy-Renker, one of the largest marketing companies in America. They show their info commercials all over the United States.

Rob Nivens, a self professed weight loss guru from Connecticut originated the plan.

His plan uses a method of confusing one’s metabolic system by changing what and the amount of food eaten on a daily basis.

And every third to fifth day is called a load up day where anything can be eaten.

Allegedly, eating in this manner doesn’t allow the body to grow accustomed to the daily calorie levels and food choices which trigger a higher metabolic rate thus burning more calories then normal.

There is no science behind this plan, only speculation that because it makes sense, it should work. We believe that any positive results are due to a member eating fewer calories then burned up which result in weight loss.

The members of the Skinny Switch Secret, after logging in, navigate to the meal plan section of their web…

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