Sea Salt or Table Salt in My Salsa Recipe

Hola salsa makers! I’m here to talk to you about sea salt vs. table salt in regards to your salsa recipe.

Sea and table salt both hold the same the nutritional value according to Katherine Zeratsky from The Mayo Clinic. Overall, it doesn’t matter which one you use, but its important not to use too much as it can drown out the other various flavors in your salsa. For every 16 ounces of salsa that you make, a recommended amount of salt would be right around ½ teaspoon. You will notice that several large salsa manufacturers will often use table salt, tomatoes, and sugar to comprise the majority of their recipe. While the human body has a tendency to crave sugar and salt more frequently than others ingredients, it doesn’t mean that these also have to take over your salsa’s flavor profile. Remember, don’t copy, you want to be different and better!

If you are looking to sell your new salsa product, consider using this salt simply as a marketing tool. It has become attractive to many…

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