Tabodwe And Htamane

With the eleventh month of the Burmese (Myanmar) calendar, the month of Tabodwe (January/February), has arrived. As it is rice harvesting time this is a very busy month for Burma’s rural population. Tabodwe is also an important month for both country and people since rice is the Burmese people’s staple diet. Rice plays, subsequently, an immensely important role with respect to a sufficient and healthy nutrition of the Burmese population.

Now all over the country rice is harvested and there is not much time for celebrations. Yet, Tabodwe is also a joyful time that finds it culmination in the harvesting festival, Burma’s equivalent to Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving Day as it is called in North America. Enough rice means that the people must not starve. So, the time of rice harvesting is not only a time of hard work but also joy.

This festival is called ‘Htamane’ after the special food offering that is cooked and eaten at this time. This gives women the most welcome opportunity to provide…

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