Taboos in Manipur

Taboo is a forbidden activity, something that is not permitted, something which stands against social approval and is disallowed by norms of behavior. They are complete restrictions or prohibition in saying or doing something. It is concerned with social and cultural aspects of life. Manipur society is rich in taboos, making the people a highly civilized one since time immemorial. It is also for the preservation of culture and traditions.

All social and religion activities in our society are not only based upon supernatural beliefs and universal principles. They always follow some ethical code of conduct. They are also regulated by certain social restraint which assumes a kind of socio-religious sanctity. There is no control over human mind and actions following from it. Therefore, the socio-religion restraints have to be given a religious coating. We are forced to believe that the supernatural force above us always looks after us and those who breaks rules are punished by the…

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