The Disgrace of Our Indifference Towards Food Wastage

A recent British study purporting that as much as fifty percent of the world’s food goes to waste, is alarming and disconcerting to put it mildly. Why is there such a high percentage of food wastage in a world beset by famine, and what steps can we put into place to remedy this situation?

Underlying this alarming statistic is the clear disparity between the wealth of first world and third world countries. As consumers privileged to be residing in a first world country, what we so wantonly discard, would be considered a luxurious banquet for those struggling to survive in the third world nations, where they contend with disease and live on the edge of famine on a daily basis. We need to change our purchasing habits by being more selective in our food choices, to minimise waste, and be more pro-active in supporting the work of organisations that assist and contribute to famine relief.

Everyone’s attitudes towards food vary. Some people quietly meditate whilst eating, reflecting on its…

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