The Mauritian Cuisine

If you are looking for some new and exotic cuisine to try out, Mauritius might be the perfect destination for you. Mauritius does not only have a wide variety of cultures for you to discover but the also the food that each one of these cultures provides. Each one more delicious that the other. Book your Mauritius holiday for an overwhelming culinary experience.

You can find food from all over the world on this little island. Food is mostly influenced by Indian cuisine, Chinese, African and also French. It is quite common to find a dish that is a mixture of all these, the result is always close to perfection. Among the local food that is present in almost every home you will have the “rougaille creole” and biryani. Try to see if you can get these foods from the locals for best appreciation.

If you would like something typically Mauritian you should not miss the dholl puri which is basically a wheat pancake stuffed with peas. It can be served with any types of curries but a rougaille…

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