The Taste of Cyprus

Claims on strategically placed Cyprus have been the subject of much conflict since ancient times. Occupiers have included Greeks, Turks, Armenians, Syrians, Lebanese, the French, the British and the Italians with each nation making their influence on the local cuisine. To a greater or lesser extent each has contributed to a diverse, blended, pan Mediterranean cuisine that over time has become distinctively Cypriot. In Paphos culinary specialities include a big choice of fish as well as meat dishes and a number of creative vegetarian options.

Meze is the food most people associate with Cyprus, it being a collection of a variety of small dishes. This unique way of eating consists of tiny implementations of main Cypriot dishes and is supplemented with delicious olives, dips and fresh breads that together form a complete Paphos feast. Be sure to leave plenty of time and also plenty of space to enjoy meze as a single meal can consist of 30 or more individual plates. Meze is a perfect way…

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