Vinha De Alhos (How to prepare turkey in the Portuguese style)

Vinha De Alhos

On Maui, when Amaryllis met her Portuguese boyfriend she was introduced to the world of Portuguese cooking. His father loved to cook Vinha De Alhos! (pronounced vinga doyzh.) The vinha is the vinegar brine used to soak the meat or fish before they’re roasted. Four days before Thanksgiving, Richard takes a cleaned, thawed bird and places it in the roasting pan. He pours ½ gallon of apple cider vinegar over it and adds spices like garlic powder, onion flakes, allspice and a few cups of water. He places it inside a large plastic bag. It goes back into the refrigerator to marinate in the vinegar bath. He turns it several times over the next three days to distribute the brine.

Somehow, by osmosis, the turkey takes in the juices and flavor. He drains off all the vinegar and returns it to the pan. Under the skin of the bird he stuffs pieces of butter.The skin is rubbed with vegetable oil, sprinkled with salt, covered with foil and baked at 350 degrees for the first half hour,…

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