What To Eat In Finland?

The delicious food culture of Finland comes from both eastern and western sources of influence. Since the Middle Ages, many novelties from Sweden (the west) and Novgorod (the east) have come to Finland bringing new inspiration. The cold buffet of Finland has been inspired by both the Russian zakuska table and the Swedish smörgasbord.

Nowadays, Finland takes it’s ideas and inspiration from foods all over the world and then combines the ideas to develop an original and unique Finnish cuisine. The excellence of the head chefs and their professional success can be acknowledged by the fact that six Michelin stars have been given to four restaurants in Helsinki.

Wild berries, mushrooms, game, and fish form the gastronomic culture of Finland and the different seasons play their part as well. Burbot roe and blinis at Shrovetide, roast lamb and a pudding created from malt and rye flour at Easter time, herring and potatoes during Midsummer, games in Autumn, crayfish in August, ham at…

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