What’s the Difference Between Nutrisystem’s Regular, Basic Program and Their Silver Program?

I was recently contacted by a 55 year old women asking me if there was any real differences between the Nutrisystem women’s basic plan and the silver plan. She was wondering if there was any advantage to her going with the silver plan, which is meant for older adults. I will tell you what I told her when I compared foods and cost in the following article.

Nutrisystem’s Silver Plan Is For Both Men And Women And It’s Designed For Dieters Over 65: This program is not just for women. There is a version of this for men too. And, there seems to be a perception that the plan for older folks is premium or costs extra, but it really doesn’t. The basic plan starts at $299 and the silver plan is no different. The pricing is the same.

The company’s literature states that the plan is meant for people over 65. However, I’m sure that you can use your own discretion and knowledge of your own situation to decide which is best for you. All of the women’s plans share some of the same foods. The main…

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