Why Does Your Restaurant Need an Insulated Food Server?

The hospitality industry is especially busy this time of the year. The holidays are here which means that many people are going on vacation. Thus they tend to go to restaurants more often. Hotels and restaurants have to stock up on various food products to keep up with the demand of the customers. Consequently, they would need more facilities to keep the food items fresh and ready to serve at the correct temperature.

I want to focus on food servers especially insulated food servers and why your restaurant would need one. How would it benefit your restaurant during the holiday season?

The Front Loader Food Server accommodates all third, half and full size standard food pans. Therefore, you can store most of your dishes in this type of kitchen unit. Any full size insert can be replaced with two half-inserts or three third-inserts so that you can maximize storage space inside this handy catering equipment. You don’t have to limit yourself to certain dish sizes when preparing your…

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