Why Non Organic Food is Bad For Your Health

I’ve been writing about the benefits of eating organic food for months. I’ve focused on why this food is so essential to healthy living and how it makes us sparkle inside and out. One thing I haven’t focused on is why your everyday non-organic food is so BAD for our health. I decided to go online and check out the ingredients that can be found in the food that many people consume on a daily basis. It is more important than you think to read the ingredients that are in your food. Chances are if you can’t read the label, you probably shouldn’t eat it. Here some are examples of popular foods and products along with their surprising ingredients. This is sure to make even the biggest skeptics think more about switching to pure organic food. Remember, you can feel comfortable that the food you are eating is safe when you switch to organic and you don’t need a chemistry course to translate the ingredients!

Gum, Instant Coffee, Tea, Pudding, Gelatin Desserts, Non-Dairy Creamers

All of the…

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