Why Sugar Hacked Science (And Your Health!)

The current nutrition buzz is that sugar’s bad news. It is.

The fact that admitting this is considered a new direction by nutritionists, dietitians and the public shows how off-base the nutrition field was for such a long time. It even makes the nutrition field appear ridiculous.

At least, to me. I’ve been blasting sugar for 20+ years, at times getting blasted back for doing it.

But it’s worth tracking the events, so we can blame the culprits who deserve it…

Once Upon a Time, Sugar Was Bad

In science journals in the 1970s, sugar’s negative health effects were getting lots of attention. Films were available – some very good. A popular book was written on problems of sugar consumption: Sugar Blues, by William Dufty.

Interestingly, Sugar Blues was written before much (if anything) was known about the brain chemicals triggered by sugar. And way before any connection was made between sugar and appetite, cravings, health, moods, and more.

It wasn’t till 1975 that endorphin (beta-endorphin)…

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