A Heritage Gourmet Tour of Kolkata

Once upon a time, a young man came to Kolkata for a certification examination. He shared a flat with four other people in Behala, went for his classes, came back, and relaxation meant Tantra or South City Mall. This is how he passed about six months of his life, and then he met me. Christmas week was coming up, and a friend of his gave him my number so he could ask me where 5 men could go to celebrate Christmas or New Year.

I usually am very brisk on the phone. My side of the conversation went like this, “How long have you been here again? And you haven’t had phuchka? What about Momos? No? Have you been to Arsalan? Have you been ANYWHERE on Park Street? Tantra? No, I meant food! Oh come on, you’re wasting your time here. Meet me at Forum on Saturday.” To give him due credit, he just turned up without further questions.

We took a look at each other. He looked nice enough to take around, so I offered him a Gourmet Tour of Kolkata over the next few days. We sat across each other…

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