A Taste of Italy in Hyderabad – Restaurants in Hyderabad

What you see – Have you ever wondered why Little Italy serves only vegetarian food? Well, we think we have the inside information. It is because the owners of the company are Gujaratis.

Now here’s another piece of background. The brand was actually started by an Italian chef called Don Giovani, 17 years back, when he came to visit Osho’s Ashram in Pune. So he started something called La Pizzeria that still runs in Pune with the same name. Little Italy was started later in time.

The brand has now expanded to multiple cities like Mumbai, Goa and our very own Hyderabad. And while Giovani is no longer the owner of the company, he makes it a point to come to India to advice on the menu and the cooking style. After all, Little Italy is known for its authentic Italian cuisine.

Little Italy in Hyderabad reminds you of a small cottage. Homely in appearance and minimal when it comes to decor, this restaurant-cum-bar allows you to dine inside as well as alfresco.

What you get – Now when you take…

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