Awesome Avocado Salad – Make Sandwiches Tastier With Vegetable Spreads for Pizzazz and Added Flavor

Awesome Avocado: Use as a spread, or eaten as a cold salad can really add a stream of fresh, zesty or ethnic flavor to your favorite turkey, chicken or ham sandwich! Enjoy eating sliced avocados, as a complete side salad. There are many abbreviated ways to make to sliced avocado, that does not take as much chopping, seeding or peeling and may be entertained for a quick avocado flavoring. You may add a spice combination of ground cumin, salt, pepper and chopped cilantro and of course, you can’t forget 1/2 a squeezed lemon or lime, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar, of your choice. Usually, I blend all of the above ingredients together in a small bowl and place, on the table, so that guests can add as much, or as little, according to taste. Remarkably, I find that avocados are a very versatile food, they can either be served chilled, or cut on-the-spot and eaten just as soon as you have peeled and added the spice and vinegar-oil combination above.

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