Can Diabetics Eat Mangosteen?

Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes refers to a faction of different metabolic diseases which raises the blood sugar level of a person. The main cause behind this is either that person’s body is not producing a sufficient amount of insulin or the cells are not responsive to the insulin produced in the body. The immediate symptoms that show up in a person whose blood sugar level has been increased are

(a) polyuria: a state of frequent urination,

(b) polydipsia: a state of increased thirst, and

(c) polyphagia: a state of increased hunger. Diabetes mellitus is of two different types:

– Type 1 is a result of body’s failure to produce an adequate amount of insulin essential. In this type, insulin is injected in to the body to equalize the required level of insulin.

– Type 2 is the result of the insulin resistance as mentioned before, where the cells fail to use the produced insulin and in some cases, the state is combined with an absolute deficiency of the insulin.

Diabetes -…

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