Can You Guess the Names of These 12 Unique Fruits and Vegetables From Colombia?

Unique Fruits and Vegetables from Colombia

Call yourself an experienced South American traveler? Here’s a quick little quiz for you. Read the description, then try to guess the name of the fruit or vegetable described. You can check your answers later in the article.

Can You Guess The Names of These Strange Foods?

1. I’m long and yellow but I’m not a banana. You can boil me or roast me while I’m green or later when I’m sweet and yellow. Can you guess what I am? That’s right! __________ Enjoy me roasted plantain with cheese.

2. What’s red on the inside and the outside with spines all over on the outside? Even my juice is red. My juice is used in food coloring, body paint and makeup. Do you know what I am? Can you say __________?

3. Hey, I’ll bet you’ve eaten me many times before. I’m really hard and brown on the outside and have water inside of me. I have white meat and you can make “milk” from me too. What am I? Easy one! I’m a __________, of course. You often find vendors selling my…

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