Chitalian Foods – A Fantastic Fusion of East Meets West

In different countries around the world, people differentiate themselves in many aspects such as culture or way of life and even in the ingredients as well as the way they cook food is influenced by the regions where they live in. And because of the varying preferences that people have in various locations, restaurants, for instance, see to it that the food in their menu adapt to how people in that particular area like their food. For example, the American fastfood chain Kentucky Fried Chicken has introduced Kung Pao Chicken Pasta in Asian countries, which is a fusion between the Italian spaghetti and the Chinese-originated spicy and sweet Chicken with nuts. Another example is McDonald’s that offers spicy chicken burgers as well as burger steak meals as part of its menu lineup, which are not offered in Western countries.

Because of the difference that food is served in a way that would suit the taste and preferences of different people in different regions, a new, way of cooking…

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