Fall Baby Shower Ideas

Are you going to have a baby this fall? Well, congratulations! Now, you must be looking for ideas to plan the perfect baby shower. How about a fall inspired theme for the shower then? You can do a lot with the earthy colors that represent fall. Plus, pumpkins are alone good enough to pull off the cutest fall baby shower ever. Here we have a few more tips to make your fall baby shower a success!

Treat or Treat: Cupcakes All The Way

Cute little cupcakes are always great for baby showers. You might have considered pumpkin pies as treats for the party, which is obviously a classic one. However, we love the idea of plain cupcakes with cute pumpkin frosting on top of those. As far as frosting and toppings are concerned, you always get the first pick! Since it is a fall themed party, try thinking of the cutest things about fall that you love and relate most to. It can be the fallen leaves or acorns, or anything else you love. Just don’t forget to add the flavor of the…

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