Feel the Joy. Ask It To Expand

Do you feel trapped? Anywhere. In your body? Your job? Your life?

Perhaps that’s because all too often, we focus on what is wrong. Our thighs are too thick, our eyelashes too short, our boss too demanding, our house too small.

If this is what we fill our minds with, where will we be in six months? You probably recognize that often, you’re having the same thoughts, unbidden. That’s because, every time we think them, we actually wire our brains to think them again, and eventually, the loop becomes endless.

That loop is the reason we bring about what we think about. As Henry Ford said, whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right. The good news is, we can change the currently engraved pattern.


Start a new pattern. And then practice. Anne Cushman, writing in The Yoga Journal, says she focuses on the good things every day, first thing. “This little [morning] ritual sets the tone for an asana practice in which I’m tuned in to countless blessings that I might otherwise have…

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