Five Male Organ Power Foods That Help Prevent Member Dysfunction

There are a lot of reasons for why we eat what we do. We do it for fuel, we chow down for our taste buds, and we even eat to enjoy some social togetherness with our friends and family. However, there’s another reason for men to eat – to keep their members high and hard. There are many everyday foods, no tiger member or elephant testicles here, that can help a man keep his internal fire stoked and keeping Mr. Happy, well, happy. Here are five male organ super foods you should start eating now to prevent member dysfunction from darkening your doorstep.

Male Organ Power Food #1: Coffee

Coffee gets you up… in more ways than one it seems. Studies have shown that drinking two to three cups of coffee daily may thwart member dysfunction. The caffeine in coffee relaxes the arteries and muscles in the member, causing an improvement in blood flow and more powerful hard-ons.

Coffee is easy to get into your day. Have it old school, Bulletproof it, put it on ice, or enjoy it in ice cream. If you…

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