How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Our Everyday Life

Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it is known, is the buzzword and a trending technology that promises to transform the way we live, be entertained and work. AI may not be apparent on the surface but it is there in the background and it is influencing our everyday lives.


Robots are nothing new. However, AI evolves and infuses robots with more intelligent capabilities. Take the case of Alibaba’s chain of restaurants in China that now use robots instead of waiters. The restaurant saves on wages it pays to waiters and customers enjoy the benefit of quick services, better food, and lower prices. The elderly and infirm need help with some routine tasks and depending on someone is expensive. Humans can also prove to be unreliable whereas robots can provide assistance that will help elderly people enjoy independent lives. Robots can also monitor their physical and health conditions and alert doctors if necessary. Robotic manufacturing process results in products that have better…

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