How Many Carbohydrates Should You Include In Your Medifast Lean And Green Meal?

I sometimes hear from folks who want more clarification about the Medifast lean and green meal. (This is the main meal that you prepare yourself. And since getting this right is your responsibility because this is the only meal that isn’t provided for you, few people want to get this wrong.)

I sometimes have people ask me how many carbs you’re supposed to take in for this main meal. I have to be honest and tell you that I don’t really keep track of this for myself. Generally, I do follow the guidelines for the ounces of lean protein and for including three servings of vegetables. And in my mind, covering these bases should pretty much ensure that I’m not taking in too many carbohydrates.

However, this question made me curious. So I set out to research this topic. Now, before I tell you what I’ve found, I want to stress that I totally recommend your taking this concern to the company. But, general guidelines indicate that you shouldn’t have more than 80 – 85 carbohydrates per day.


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