Indian Sweets and Desserts

Indian food has been popular across the world because of its uniqueness and authenticity. Particularly, Indian sweets and desserts are becoming more and more popular because of their fantastic taste. These sweets, which are also known as mithai in India, are made from various ingredients ranging from vegetables to fruits, from grains to milk. Below are some of the famous Indian sweets and desserts that you must try out, whether you are in India or not.

Parwal Ki Mithai is an Indian sweet that is most popular in the area of Bihar. Its outer covering is parwal while its inside is made up of sweets mixed with milk products. Khaja is another mithai popular in Bihar. It dates back from 2000 years ago and is also a dry sweet filled with liquid sweets inside. It easily melts in the mouth when put in it.

Another popular Indian sweet, probably the most popular is the rasgulla. This mithai can be found in almost all parts of India. However, this Indian food is most abundant in Orissa, the…

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