Interview With Bro. Martin Francisco – Unsung Hero of Indigenous People

With the Amazon rainforest raging fire scenario– and other forest fires happening almost “in great symphony” in Spain, France, Turkey and Indonesia, Mother Earth is now in painful limp due to environmental toxicity and all. Amid this greed-related reality, am honored and in great pleasure having this rare chance to shoot questions with one great man in the field of IP advocacy, forest preservation initiative and ancestral domain fight for the indigenous people around. Folks, am referring to one person, none other than Bro. Martin Francisco! Welcome and Mabuhay po!

Let’s get to the bottom of the matter before our passion turns into embers… going, going, gone!

1. How long have you been passionate about helping indigenous people, particularly the Dumagats?

Since my younger years in high school, I had been aspiring as a soldier of Christ like Saint Francis of Assisi, working in mission to far flung mountains. I knew what I wanted in life then, and I thank God now for such calling.


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