Is it an Olive? No It’s Lasora

I had only been in Pakistan for a few hours when I asked this question. The small green fruit or berries, I had no idea which, were presented as a pickle, accompanying the main dishes. Now I forget what they were, as I only wanted to know what a Lasora was. One of the male relatives present assured me I wouldn’t like Lasora as the pickle was hot. However, my husband spooned some onto my plate, and I really liked them. Unlike paan this was a food item I rapidly acquired a taste for.

After months of not knowing what they were called in English, it finally became clear that they are known as gum berries. They don’t grow in Britain to my knowledge, but they do grow in the States, so please forgive my ignorance. For those readers who don’t know what they are, they are green and round, and do resemble a green olive. They are sticky when freshly picked and children in the Punjab region of Pakistan use them as glue. You can eat them raw, but they taste dry and are much better in pickles….

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