Money Answereth All Things!

You certainly would have come across this phrase at one point or the other in your life. Many have criticized this as not being true or as being an exaggeration. My dear friend, the truth is this; you cannot live without money! And the reason is not far fetched;

(1) Money gives us options:These options are what make our life colourful; they literally help us live out our dreams and heart desires. What could you possibly do without money? Have you ever given it a deep thought? Yes, I know many who subscribe to the school of thought that the best things in life are free. Of course, I do subscribe to that also, but what about the necessities of life? Do they come free? When was the last time you had a free meal? When I talk about free, I mean it in all sense of the word. This means, you didn’t have to work for the food, neither did anyone else. The food came as ‘manna’ from heaven as was recorded in the bible. Certainly not, somehow, somewhere, someone did something to get that food…

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