New Age Piano Techniques: Creative and Easy!

Every style of piano playing has its share of tricks and techniques. New Age piano is no different. The New Age piano style has 3 main techniques that are used over and over. These are the ostinato technique, the crossover technique or arpeggio, and the broken chord technique.

The Ostinato technique – A Repeating Pattern

You’ve probably heard this technique numerous times and may or may not have knows what it was. Ostinato simply means repeating pattern or obstinate pattern and that’s exactly what it is. For example, in New Age pianist George Winston’s piece “Rain,” we have a left-hand pattern that uses over an octave of the keyboard to create a beautiful aural background over which a melody is improvised.

This technique is a very quick and easy way to create New Age piano pieces. The ostinato is played over and over while the right hand is able to “mix it up” and create change with the melody line. Of course, you can change the ostinato pattern as well as Winston does. With just a…

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