Review of the Restaurant Goldbergs Kosher Bakery and Deli

The name of the organization I went to and used to work at is called Goldberg’s Kosher Bakery and Deli. The person I interviewed is named Dan Knudsen and his wife. Dan mainly did all the talking. I felt fortunate to actually get a hold of them because I have not seen them in about two years.

Their new bakery still has the same name, but it is located out in Hillsboro in a business complex. The original Goldberg’s was a fine dining restaurant located at him Lloyd Center Mall in Northeast Portland. The owner’s father died and passed the business down to her daughter and her new husband who worked for her father back in the 60’s. The new owners opened up in Hillsdale and only baked and ran a deli. They were no longer a fine dining restaurant. People would always ask “Is this the same Goldberg’s from Lloyd Center?” The response would be “Same family just different operation.”

After having a bakery out of Hillsdale in the late 70’s they moved about a mile away to a location in Southwest…

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