Sabudana Wada Is an Ideal Food During Indian Fasting Festivals Like Navratri!

Indians are known to follow many religious faiths. One of the widely practiced faiths in India is fasting during religious festivals like Navratri, Ram Navami, Shivaratri and so on. Apart from fasting during religious festivals, many Hindus also observe once a week fast throughout the year on particular day of the week like every monday, every tuesday or every Thursday. This once a week fasting is part of their worship towards the god they believe in.

The religious fasting means abstaining from regular food items. The extent and severity of fasting varies from nirahar (water-less); to single time complete meal; to multiple fruit diets during day. Apart from the religious importance, fasting has health significance too as it helps body clear the toxins from body.

Apart from the fruit diet, special vegetarian food items permissible during fast are milk, sabudana dishes, sawank ke chawal, potato, and dishes of singhare etc. Non-Vegetarian food is strictly prohibited during religious…

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