The Major Challenges Faced By Online Food Delivery Businesses

In the recent startling revenue revelations of markets’ largest segment, Restaurant-to-Consumer Delivery that amounted to US$94,385m with a market volume of US$58,008m in 2019 worldwide has given a major business goal to many vying to dip their toes in online food delivery segment.

Little do they know that the food delivery business is not a bed of roses for aggregators &restaurateursas well! There are certain turbulences, challenges that usually stay in the shadows.

Here we take a sneak peek upon the most dynamic set of challenges that have kept the food delivery businesses on the edge.

  • The Logistics Quandary

The challenge lies in allocating the delivery personnel close to the high-demand areas and low demand areas. Challenge lies when the state is not clear like- “What is the probability of getting the highest number of orders from that specific area?” This creates a dilemma.

Initially, how many delivery personnel will be required and how will they manage to take the food from…

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