Top Mediterranean Diet Treats – Five Cheap and Easy Dishes

Everyone knows about the Mediterranean Diet and how good it is for you, but not everyone knows that it can be delicious, cheap, easy and fun to prepare and make. Here are our top five dishes in no particular order.

Hummus: – Eaten all over the Mediterranean specially in Turkey, Greece, Lebanon, Egypt and the other North African Mediterranean countries, Hummus is really easy to make and in its simplest form, is just a mashed up mixture of chick peas, garlic, salt and olive oil.

Of course you can smarten it up by adding, lemon juice, tahine (delicious paste of sesame seeds), roasted red bell peppers, spinach and anything else you fancy really. Sop it up with pitta bread or a crusty country loaf, for a satisfying snack that’s good for you and costs only pennies.

Pizza Margherita: – Another classic Mediterranean dish where only a handful of fresh ingredients are used. The Margherita is the original Pizza, said to have been named after Margherita of Savoy, Queen of Italy in the late…

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