Why Does God Allow Evil and Suffering?

A discussion between a Sage (agnostic) and a Scholar (theist)

Sage: “War, pestilence, murder, natural calamities, even the savagery of predatory animals. The prevalence of suffering and evil belies the existence of God.

Scholar: “Ahh, you speak of the vexing problem of evil.

Sage: “Your applying a philosophical label lessens not one whit the pain and malevolence in our world.

Scholar: I use that label not to belittle the issue but to respect it. Why does God, a God we hold as possessing omnipotence, omniscience and omnibenevolence, allow evil and suffering? That issue troubles us, deeply.

Sage: “More than that, causes many to simply disbelieve.

Scholar: “No doubt. Can I thus offer some ideas on this?

Sage: “Certainly.

Scholar: “Let me start with the omniscience of God.

Sage: Yes, traditional theology, which we assume here, holds God is all knowledgeable, including knowledgeable about the future.

Scholar: “Yes. Now humans also work to know the future. We look to predict prospective events,…

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