3 Tips for Improving Your MMA Training

  1. Don’t neglect your strength and conditioning training. Your MMA training on its own will get do wonders for your fitness, but if you supplement your training with strength and conditioning(S&C), you will reap the benefits in the long term. Many MMA gyms will be well equipped for S&C training and may even have conditioning sessions as part of their timetable, but if not make sure you find time to work on your strength and conditioning. It’s not just lifting iron and jumping rope, modern MMA training utilises many types of conditioning techniques for fighters including everything from flipping giant tyres to altitude mask training.
  2. Food, supplements and rest. Watch your diet, cut out the junk food and fizzy drinks, your general health will benefit for a start, then you should start eating food that will not only be more healthy but will give your training a boost as well. Keep a balanced diet of carbs, protein and good fats. Remember if you…

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