A Joy Filled Life

Would you like to have some joy in your life? Would you like to experience some joy in the midst of the difficult circumstances you are facing today? Would you like to enjoy your life? You can and I want to let you know how it happens.

Most people, including Christians, think they can have some joy once in a while and the rest of the time should be filled with the sorrow and the cares of this life; but God, our heavenly Father, doesn’t think that way and neither does He want us to think that way. Why? Because our faith in what the Lord is to us, has for us, does in and through us, really every aspect of our Christian faith has to be centered around the major spiritual force of joy.

Did you realize that joy is a spiritual force that is to be used daily in your life here on earth? If you didn’t you are in for a great surprise.

The joy of the Lord is more than just a “Holy Ghost giggle”. Joy, the joy of the Lord, is one of the most powerful spiritual forces in a Christian’s spirit.


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