Anti-Aging and the Aging Process – A Balancing Act

Ask the typical person on the street about anti-aging and the first thing they think about is skin care. When you look at the real issues of aging or anti-aging, you must realize these involve issues both inside and outside the human body. The internal issues include a wide variety of diseases and self-induced attacks coupled with the body’s progressive demise resulting from continuous years of oxidative stress. The outside issues involve constant pressure put on the body by the environment including radiation, pollution, contaminants we ingest, and, again, our own self-induced attacks.

Our Internal Battle

The body is an amazing piece of work. There is a constant battle going on inside our bodies to maintain balance or chemical harmony. One of the primary battles is between free radicals (the bad guys), created by the normal chemical processes of the body, and antioxidants (the good guys), which work to rid the body of these harmful substances.

Why are we concerned about the free…

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