Biometric Visitor Management System: Reluctance To Accept This Device

Face recognition technology is a highly popular technology in the security industry. Its utility is growing day by day. Today, one may easily come across this application at corporate offices, educational institutes, government sectors, and other places. It can be combined with a time attendance system to mark the time keeping habits of the members of a certain premise. It can be combined with an access control to restrict unauthorized entree into any area. This technology can also be combined with a visitor management and control to manage the large number of visitors in a premise.

There are innumerable benefits of installing a biometric visitor management system in the premise. Some of them can be as listed below:

*It lets the user to record the details of all visitors in a premise systematically. New visitors are auto enrolled and repeat visitors are auto detected.

*Modern applications have the facility to blacklist visitors. It sounds an alarm when a blacklisted visitor enters the…

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