Difference Between Swaddling and KMC – Pros and Cons of Each for Newborn Care

The first few weeks after delivery can be very new and scary for newborn babies, and of course, their proud parents. Special care needs to be given both to the mother and baby to ensure that they recover properly from the delivery experience. Swaddling and Kangaroo Mother Care are two different mothering practice choices commonly used and discussed among mothers and infant care experts. So, what are the differences between both choices and which should you practice?


Swaddling is a technique used to care for newborns by wrapping the baby snugly and tightly in cotton muslin cloth or blankets. While it may provide warmth and artificial comfort for the baby, enabling the baby to sleep for longer periods of time, it has multiple risks. The risks involved in swaddling are:

  • Overheating of the baby when wrapped in multiple layers of cloth.
  • Hip dysplasia can occur during infant development.
  • Pressure on the lungs created by tight swaddling poses the risk of lung infection.


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