Keep It Simple Stupid! Easy Credit Card Acceptance for Food Trucks

The debate rages on every single day on credit card processing fees. Newbies want information on who is the “best” processor, when what they really mean is “cheapest”. Someone with something to sell always answers “check my page” or “DM me and I’ll help”. Then my favorite answer always shows up: “charge them a fee that’s what I do.” The comments will also be flooded with “Square” and “Clover” followed with the naysayer’s complaints with each company.

EVERY, and I do mean every, company has complaints against how it operates. Customer service, late/slow deposits, hidden fees, frozen accounts, middlemen, differing rates, equipment fees, on going charges, etc., etc. Square has them, Clover has them, as does all the other companies. Asking for my opinion or some else on a public forum like Facebook groups will only get a limited answer based on extremely limited experience. I have worked in this business since 1977 and taken credit cards since 1990. I started with Square in 2010 and…

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