Mezcal in Oaxaca: State, National and Global Significance of Mexico’s Iconic Spirit

Until well into the first decade of the 21st century, mezcal, the Mexican spirit distilled from the agave succulent, was considered a drink for rural folk of extremely modest means. This held true especially in the state of Oaxaca where most is produced. But more recently the world has begun to pay attention to this relatively high alcohol content beverage, and considers it a sipping spirit little different from cognac, brandy, rye and scotch. This rapid metamorphosis of mezcal’s reputation can be attributed to two factors: artisanal production is a highly sustainable and environmentally friendly industry, and, no two batches are the same. This in turn has impacted the cultural and economic significance of the spirit. Mexico, Oaxaca in particular, now boasts a further dimension to its offerings of pristine beaches, pre-Hispanic sites and colonial architecture, cuisine and crafts. Each, and now including mezcal, feeds off the other, positively impacting the country’s economy as a…

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