Racing Pigeon Feed – What You Should Be Adding To Your Pigeon Feed To Increase Their Speed

Water and Honey in Racing Pigeon Feed

There is honey… and more honey.

First of all, we have the ordinary imported honey, which in our country, is mixed with sugar. Then, we have the pure bee-honey which we can get from bee-keepers. Years ago, it was easier to get honey from the bee-keepers than it is to-day. Of late, the number of bee-keepers has declined tremendously. Today, men no longer care to look after the hives, where they have to work daily wearing a mask and heavy gloves!

Actually, we prefer the honey which we obtain from a bee-keeper. In this case, we consider honey a cure, containing excellent qualities. Honey is especially good for improving the breathing, and for the nervous system. It aids digestion, and is a nutriment for people with stomach troubles. Persons who suffer from rheumatism and gout should use honey. The antacid it contains is an excellent source for healing. Honey is free of microbes and contains all the vitamins, which the bees gather together with the…

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