The Benefits of Fava or Broad Beans for Diabetics

Fava beans, as they are called in the Americas, or broad beans, as they are more commonly called in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, have been a part of diet in the eastern Mediterranean since about 6,000 BCE.

They grow in broad, leathery pods, like much enlarged pea pods. Each pod contains three to eight oval beans.

The term broad bean refers to the larger-seeded cultivars that are grown for human food, while horse bean or field bean refers to cultivars with smaller, harder seeds mainly (but not exclusively) used for animal feed.

The fava bean is a hardy plant. It can withstand harsh and cold climates.

Preparing fava beans

Preparing fresh fava beans can be a bit of a pain.

When buying the beans, choose green pods that are firm and don’t bulge. The bulging pods may be old and often have a bitter taste.

To remove the beans from the pods, just run a thumb nail along the seam of the pod to split it open. Take out the beans. They are wrapped in a thick white skin that needs to be…

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