The Benefits of Using a Protein Powder

Protein comes in many forms, from animal protein to plant based protein. It also comes in supplemental forms with many people turning to protein powder to make sure that they are getting enough of this vital nutrient, as well as to use as a meal replacement during weight loss efforts. Supplement sales in the United States in recent years has totaled just less than $25 billion dollars and is only expected to continually climb as more and more adults reach their senior years. (Source: Science Daily, December 2009.) Of this large number, the majority of the products sold are protein based supplements and the average buyer is looking for a way to keep their health. However, there are other groups that buy protein supplements, including protein powder. These groups include body builders who may use the powder as a before or after workout drink, and teens who are trying to stop themselves from eating the fatty fried and greasy foods that their friends all consume in huge quantities.

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