The Very Best Rooibos Red Tea Health Tips

Rooibos (pronounced ‘roy-bos tea’ — Afrikaans for ‘red bush tea’) Red Tea comes from South Africa. Long known as the land of long white sandy beaches, lots of wild animals, picturesque landscapes, breathtaking vistas and awe inspiring mountain ranges. By name it is often confused with Chinese ‘Red Tea, whose name is derived from the reddish colour of its processed leaves. Rooibos Red Tea is however actually not classed as a real ‘tea’, as it does not come from the tea plant ‘Camellia sinensis’, but is in fact a bush ‘Aspalathus linearis’.

Where does Rooibos come from: Originally only grown wild in the Cederberg Mountains in the semi-desert Western Cape of South Africa, Rooibos (or Africa Red Tea) — is naturally green but gets its deep red colour and rich flavour from fermentation similar to that of green tea processed to make black tea. Green Rooibos still retains much of its ‘grassy’ green colour and natural taste. Today although still grown in the same region of the Cape it is…

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