Use Floor Scrubbers For Fast and Effective Floor Cleaning

A wide variety of popular floor scrubbers or cleaners can be seen in different machine shops. Floor scrubbers are fast and effective for cleaning especially for facilities having large areas. Most floor cleaning machines were professionally designed that varies to its features and sizes to be more effective and versatile to the different type of floor surfaces.

A good example of floor scrubber is Dupla 500. This floor cleaning machine is known to its effectiveness in tackling floor surfaces fast with extreme result. Dupla 500 will not simply clean floor surfaces just like mopping, but will scrub, wash and dry floors in a single pass. It is seven times faster than the traditional floor cleaning methods. Its size is about 380mm in height and 500mm in width, very maneuverable, easy to operate and its articulated handle makes it even more compact for transporting or storage.

How does it work?

Floor scrubbers like Dupla 500 dispenses liquid from the extra-large 18-litre clean solution…

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