What Does Avian Flu, 7 Eleven, and Sauerkraut Have in Common?

Have you been reading those alarming headlines lately:

“The avian flu will be in the United States in a few months because of migrating birds”?

Well, consider this evolving story about a possible preventative: sauerkraut.

This story started last November as scientists at Seoul National University in South Korea fed an extract of kimchi, a spicy Korean variant of sauerkraut, to 13 chickens infected with avian flu, and a week later, 11 of the birds started to recover, according to a report by the BBC Network.

Well guess what? A company that makes sauerkraut in Wisconsin made these claims: “we’ve got the preventative, and 115,000 tons of it in Wisconsin alone,” said Ryan Downs, owner and general manager of Great Lakes Kraut Co., which has sauerkraut factories in Bear Creek and Shiocton, Wis., and in Shortsville, N.Y.

Downs said more extensive scientific research is needed to prove any curative link to avian flu, but he’s more than happy to tout kraut as a healthful part of any…

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