Dark Chocolate Pros and Cons

This article will tell you the pros and cons of dark chocolate. Let’s start with the benefits of Dark Chocolate; one of the best qualities of this sweet is that it contains healthy nutrients such as cocoa, this agent helps to improves the body blood flow, not only that but also contains spicatechin a kind of chemical that does similar things like anaesthesia, which is beneficial for a pain free body.

These were the pros of Dark Chocolate; now let’s talk about the cons. The only big disadvantage of this sweet is that it is high calorie product, just like any other sweet, not everybody can consume dark chocolate in freedom, especially people with diabetics, because it contains sugar. Although the quantity of sugar is up to 70% less then the ordinary chocolate, but still is not sugar free sweet so it is a risky business for a diabetic person to consume this product.

Also if you want to lose weight then probably this is not the way to do it, but on the other hand dark chocolate gives you…

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